Fine Cuisine

Crab Balls


15 oversized crab balls with special star sauce



5 Collasal Shrimp 5 fresh potatoes 5 smoke sausage pieces 1 corn 1 egg marinated in star sauce served inside of a star bag for easy dispossal. 

Combo Plate


2 meats accompanied by 2 delicious Star side!

Stuffed Pineapple


Fresh pineapple stuft with shrimp crab meat and salmon over a nest of rice and smoked over hickory flames

BBQ Special


A portiion of 3 of the pime smoked meats plus two sides!

Smoked Turkey


Smoked turkey drum or wing 

Pulled Chicken


Pulled chicken over a fresh bundrizzled with bbq sauce!

The Single


One meat accompanied by 2 delicious start sides!